Faculty Research and Support

Fertile Control Project

Reproductive loss, which includes recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), recurrent in vitro fertilization failure, and fetal demise affects up to 5% of couples who are trying to establish a family. One of the major stumbling blocks in the advancement of reproductive loss research is the lack of “well-characterized” fertile controls for comparison. Data and samples from 50 healthy nonpregnant women will be collected over a period of one year. This project will facilitate research in reproductive loss for many years to come. Amount awarded: $22,406.

Purchase of Bridgeman Collection
The Department of Art History will receive a grant from the Women’s Board to support the purchase of the Bridgeman Collection, a compilation of 13,064 highresolution digital images of art that will be integrated into the Department’s image database. This purchase is of critical importance to the integrity of the Department’s capabilities in research and pedagogy. These images will be used constantly for teaching in undergraduate and graduate classes in art history and beyond, and will be made available online for student and faculty research and reference. Amount awarded: $49,000.

New Technique for Time Measurement

This project involves the design and construction of a physical electronics device to validate a new technique to measure time with one part in ten billionths of a second resolution, which represents a tenfold improvement in current instrumentation technology. Such a device would improve vastly the performance of all nuclear detectors such as the medical Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner. The improved resolution will allow more detailed diagnosis of abnormalities, including tumors, in both location and size. Ultimately, it is hoped that the technique will become part of a new generation of medical imaging devices and will become the default for time measurement in other nuclear and high-energy physics instrumentation.
Amount awarded: $69,744.

Purchase of Digital Language Lab

The Center for the Study of Languages, which supports the teaching and learning of foreign languages, will receive a grant from the Women’s Board to support the purchase and installation of the Digital Language Lab (DiLL) software package and server. The DiLL software package provides a digital replacement for the traditional language lab systems and gives teachers and students new teaching tools and much greater flexibility. This one-time purchase will have a lasting impact on foreign language teaching and learning at the University of Chicago.
Amount awarded: $13,000.

Core Music Workstation Upgrade

The Computer Music Studio will receive a grant to enable a technological upgrade of the Core Music Workstation that is at the heart of the Computer Music Studio. The grant will provide for the purchase of the necessary hardware and software. Today, computer-generated sound is an essential component of music (classical and non-classical). This grant from the Women’s Board ensures that the Department remains at the forefront of music composition and research. Amount awarded: $22,647.

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The Arts and Cultural Institutions

Tell Edfu–Digital Imaging for Archaeological Excavations

This project will develop new digital image-capturing techniques that enable researchers to process data from archaeological excavations more accurately and efficiently than ever before. The site of Tell Edfu, which is the focus of this project, is one of the last well-preserved ancient cities in Egypt. The incredibly rich and complex site is ideally suited for the development of new technical methods for the recording and analysis of archaeological data. A one-year grant will enable a team of archaeologists and imaging specialists to combine photogrammetry, photography, and simple 3-D modeling using newly available software tools. Amount awarded: $23,855.

Displacement: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary
Chinese Art

This fall the Smart Museum, with curator Wu Hung, will again break new ground in the arena of contemporary Chinese Art with an ambitious exhibition entitled Displacement: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art. This exhibition will bring together four leading Chinese artists whose works have addressed the dramatic human and ecological impact of the Three Gorges Dam. Funding from the Women’s Board will provide for educational programming that will accompany the exhibition. Amount awarded: $10,500.

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Quality of Student Life

Microphone System for Mandel Hall

The Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities helps to support a number of student-run cultural shows throughout the academic year. These shows have fairly small budgets, mostly funded by intra-University sources, and are strained by the annual cost of renting sophisticated microphones for voice projection in the theater. This grant from the Women’s Board will allow for the purchase of an in-house microphone system that will offset the cost incurred by individual student organizations for years to come. Amount awarded: $20,000.

International Student Orientation Program

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) will launch a pilot orientation program for the University’s international students in 2008 that will create a prototype for future international student orientation programs. The challenges an international student faces upon arrival in the U.S. and at the University combine to jeopardize the well-being of the student and his or her academic success. With funds provided by the Women’s Board, the OIA will provide a substantial welcome packet upon each student’s arrival, as well as a full-day orientation program followed by a social event to facilitate students’ interaction with others from their country or region and others with shared interests.
Amount awarded: $12,650.

Chicago Careers in Journalism

The University of Chicago’s Careers in Journalism program is designed to supplement students’ rigorous liberal arts education with the practical experience necessary to gain entry into the competitive field of journalism. This grant from the Women’s Board will provide funding for three summer internships in the areas of magazines, newspapers, or new media for students in the Chicago Careers in Journalism program. Amount awarded: $9,000.

Chicago Studies Program–Metcalf Internships

The Chicago Studies program was created after the College recognized the popularity of its Civilization Study Abroad programs and realized that much of what students learn in those experiences relates directly to the cities in which they study. The College would like to create opportunities for students to study Chicago in much the same way. The Jeff Metcalf Fellows Program provides students with opportunities to gain substantive work experiences and develop further knowledge of the city of Chicago. This grant from the Women’s Board will provide funding for two summer internships. Amount awarded: $8,000.

Summer Internships

The Human Rights Internship Program supports approximately twenty College students and ten graduate and professional students per summer who work on human rights projects around the world. The internships embody the Human Rights Program’s mission to create a human rights paradigm that emerges out of the liberal arts, is applicable in the contemporary world, and links theory and practice as well as local and global perspectives. This grant will provide funding for two summer internships for students in the Human Rights Program.
Amount awarded: $10,000.

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Community Outreach

Ivy League/East Coast College Tour

The Collegiate Scholars Program, a joint initiative between the University of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools, prepares the most promising Chicago public high school students to gain admission to and succeed in the nation’s top colleges through educational enrichment, college preparation, and career exploration. Although students gain the most valuable exposure to college life by spending time on campus, many of our scholars lack the necessary financial resources for costly college tours. The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program will receive support from the Women’s Board to fund the 2009 Ivy League/East Coast College Tour to ensure that each scholar finds programs that are both academically challenging and a close fit to their specific needs. Amount awarded: $39,200.

Pediatric Mobile Medical Unit

The University of Chicago Pediatric Mobile Medical Unit will receive a grant from the Women’s Board to support a community engagement initiative for Fellows in Pediatric Psychiatry. Through collaboration with the Pediatric Psychiatry Residency Program, Fellows will do a regular rotation on the Mobile Unit which will provide them with firsthand, community-based training outside of the clinic setting and will enhance the quality of mental health services provided to children and adolescents in our community. Amount awarded: $20,000.

Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome
The Comer Children’s Hospital Child Protective Services (CCH-CPS) team will receive a grant from the Women’s Board to support a statewide early intervention initiative for the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Recent pilot studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of hospital-based education for new parents in preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome. Using this model, the CCH-CPS team seeks to spearhead a prevention initiative in Illinois to facilitate statewide dissemination of a standardized curriculum for training healthcare workers to deliver hospital-based prevention education to new parents. The proposed project will support development, implementation, and evaluation of a web-based training curriculum to be distributed to hospitals throughout the state. Amount awarded: $20,000.

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