The Grants Committee

                                                                                 Our 2016-2017 Grants Committee

The Women's Board Grants Committee is a group of 15-20 Women's Board members who are appointed annually by the Chair of the Women's Board to allocate all donations from Women's Board members throughout the year. (Last year, Women's Board members contributed $600,000 for this purpose.)

One hundred percent of Women's Board members' contributions go directly to support our annual Grants Fund.

Members of the Grants Committee come from many different backgrounds. Past members of this Committee have included physicians, writers, filmmakers, philanthropists, computer scientists, lawyers, social workers, basic scientists, and business executives, among many others.

To ensure fairness, communication between proposal submitters and Grants Committee members is strictly prohibited. As such, each year's Grants Committee membership roster is kept confidential until the final funding decisions have been made after the grant applicants oral presentations have been heard.