Approved Signers for Letters of Recomendation

Each proposal we receive must be accompanied by one letter of recommendation from an individual listed below in order to qualify for review. Letters of recommendation from individuals other than those below may be included in your supplemental materials but cannot fulfill this basic requirement.

If your proposal involves multiple units, you need only submit one letter (either from just one person listed below or from multiple people listed below in a joint capacity); also, in this case, you may submit two or three letters from people listed below, if you prefer, which will be included in your primary proposal materials.

Some units may choose to include a letter from a senior executive leader of the University, such as the President, Secretary, or Executive Vice President of the University of Chicago. If so chosen, a letter from one of these leaders will suffice in lieu of a letter from the unit's individual leader (e.g., the division's dean, the office's vice president, the institute's director, etc.).

Finally, please note that it is preferred for letters to be addressed to the Grants Committee. (Letters not addressed to this group will still be considered. This is simply to give more guidance to grant applicants.)

If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact Daniel Waclaw at or (773) 702-9322.

This list was last updated on March 8, 2017.

Unit/School/Division Name, Title, and Email Address
Alumni Relations and Development Ken Manotti
Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development
Campus and Student Life Michele Rasmussen
Dean of Students in the University
Career Advancement James G. Nondorf
Vice President for Enrollment and Student Advancement
Center in Beijing Beth Bader
Executive Director
Center in Delhi Gary A. Tubb
Faculty Director
Center in Paris Robert Morrissey
Academic Director, 2016-2017
Chicago Booth School of Business Douglas J. Skinner
Interim Dean
Court Theatre Stephen J. Albert
Executive Director
Crime Lab Jens Ludwig
Divinity School Richard Rosengarten
Division of the Biological Sciences Kenneth S. Polonsky, MD
Dean and Executive Vice President
Division of the Humanities Anne Walters Robertson
Interim Dean
Division of the Physical Sciences Edward "Rocky" Kolb
Division of the Social Sciences David Nirenberg
Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies Mark Nemec
Harris School of Public Policy Kerwin Charles
Interim Dean
Institute for Molecular Engineering Matthew Tirrell
Founding Pritzker Director
Institute of Politics David Axelrod
Institute Director
Law School Thomas J. Miles
Library Brenda Johnson
Office of Civic Engagement Derek R. B. Douglas
Vice President
Office of the Executive Vice President David Fithian
Executive Vice President
Office of the President Robert J. Zimmer
Office of the Provost Daniel Diermeier
Office of the Provost Bill Brown
Deputy Provost for the Arts
Office of the Secretary Darren Reisberg
Vice President and Secretary of the University
Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories Eric D. Issacs
Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories
Oriental Institute Gil Stein
Pritzker School of Medicine Kenneth S. Polonsky, MD
Dean and Executive Vice President
School of Social Service Administration Neil B. Guterman
Smart Museum of Art Bill Michel
Interim Director
The College John W. Boyer
University of Chicago Medicine (Hospitals) Sharon O'Keefe
Urban Education Institute Sara Ray Stoelinga
Sara Liston Spurlark Director