About Us

                                                            Women's Board Steering Committee 2017-2018


Today the Women's Board is made up of more than 500 intellectually curious, engaged women who enjoy furthering their knowledge of the University of Chicago and its work.

The University of Chicago Women’s Board serves the University by providing funding to projects focused on faculty research, student life, arts and cultural institutions, and community outreach. These grants are funded entirely by our membership, and chosen by the Women’s Board Grants Committee, convened annually by our leadership.

Our members enjoy monthly programming by University professors on key University initiatives through the academic year. These programs showcase to members and guests the breadth, depth, and world-class thought leadership of the University of Chicago on both national and international issues and provide a vital connection between the University and the larger Chicago community. In addition to learning about specific subject areas, events become an opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting professional connections and personal friendships.